Bundok Chronicles: Mt. Batolusong

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For the love of mountains, here's my third installation of Bundok Chronicles :) 
So for my recent adventure, let me share my experience in braving Mt. Batolusong.

At around 5 a.m me and my college best friends prepared and left the house and pick up our other companion to the hike. We have our own vehicle that time that's why our way to Tanay is more convenient.

As we're approaching Tanay, great views of mountains have already welcomed us and it made us more excited to start our trail. It was around 8 a.m when we arrived and 30 minutes after settling all the necessary payments and reminders, we now started our hike. 

The weather is actually not good for a day hike that time. It was summer, and the sun is at it's best, and it's not that windy too :( by the way Mt. Batolusong has more grass than trees so it's like an open area (Or an open grill) with a very limited shades but if you're really into outdoor activities then I encourage you to give it a try! (just don't forget to apply sunblock)  

This time, I am with my colleagues and my colleagues' workmates. This hike is one of the spontaneous trip I've been to. 

Moving on...

Mt. Batolusong is a steep grassy type of trail with continuous assault. Based on our research it is one of the beginners mountain but for me or for us rather it is not. The trail is very challenging and the weather is not that cooperative we keep on adjusting our pace and asking our guide for a break. There are stations there where we took our rest and good thing there's one with running water, for refreshments.

At 10 a.m we have already reached the Duhatan Ridge, finally. If you'll ask me if it's already the summit? No. Not yet. (Just imagine the further heat we're about to experience. Pagbalik sa Manila, toasted ka na)

Before we could step our feet on the summit, we had to do a short 60 degree rock climbing but there is also an alternative way to the summit with no rock climbing involved. But I strongly suggest to go with rock climbing (because what is life without adventure?)

And now, THE SUMMIT! 

Our struggle didn't end here yet. The trail and the weather is even more challenging during descend. 

We had our short stop at Kay-Ibon falls. We did not took a dip there because our guide told us that the water at Sangab Cave is more cold and clear.


To those who prefer to commute;
From Cubao take a jeep going to Cogeo and kindly ask the driver to drop you off at Cogeo Gate 2, fare is P27. When you arrive in Cogeo 2, look for the terminal of the jeep going to Batangasan. Again, ask the driver to drop you off at Batangasan, fare isP47 and travel time would be more than an hour. Finally, from Batangasan hire at ricycle going to the registration site/Jump-off, fare is P40/person. (Source: Google) //Because in reality I don't have a sense of direction.

From Cubao to Tanay(Brgy. San Andres jump-off)
[Jeep] Cubao to Cogeo Gate 2 – P27
[Jeep] Cogeo 2 to Batangasan – P47
[Tricycle] Batangasan to Registration site – P40/head for 4 persons
From Marcos Highway back to Cubao
[Tricycle] Highway to Jeep terminal(going to Cogeo 2/Marikina) – P40/head for 4 persons (In my case, I have no joiners so I paid full amount of P120. If you can join to other groups the better)
[Jeep] Terminal to Cogeo Gate 2 – P29
[Jeep] Cogeo Gate 2 to Cubao(Aurora) – P25  (Source: Google. at one of the blogs I've read)
Guide fee – P500

Environmental fee:
Duhatan Ridge – P20
Rangyas Peak – P20

TOTAL – P828 (Source: Google again.)
4:25AM – Ride Jeep from Cubao to Cogeo Gate 2
5:40AM – Ride Jeep from Cogeo 2 to Batangasan
7:10AM – Arrival at Batangasan; Ride tricycle to Jump-off
7:20AM – Registration/Start trek to Duhatan Ridge
9:15AM – ETA Duhatan Ridge
10:20AM – Start Trek to Rangyas Peak
11:00AM – ETA Rangyas Peak – Summit
11:20AM – Start Descend
12:10PM – ETA Kay-Ibon Falls
12:30PM – Head back to Manila (POWERED BY GOOGLE SEARCH) // Because in reality, I keep running out of time.
So I guess that's all! :)

Til the next hike! 



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