Never Fade

5:52:00 AM

These plans are torn
These feet are cold
This shield is worn
This peace was stolen
Stop upsetting yourself
Upsetting your thoughts
Upsetting this world
That you're standing on
These problems they breathe
Their fire is real
The coins that they keep
You cannot steal
Even when you're asleep
They'll be here still
Breathing out or in

-The Upsetter by: Jack Johnson
(Last Song Syndrome of the day)

First ootd post for this year! :)

Black, white and gray are very easy to pair colors and I just noticed that as I grew older I became more fond of darker ones. 

Shoes: Rubi by Cotton On| Skirt: Forever21| Top: Gift from Alyssa Marie :)

Yesterday, I feel very blessed with God's gift of friendship. I never imagined myself meeting up with 4 of my different group of friends in just a span of hours. 



First, my ME friend meet up with me to play basketball but the game turned out to be an ice cream and takoyaki date. Then hands his "trial" portrait drawing of me. Even though I have already seen him drawing it I was still surprised when he handed it. Thanks talaga! 

Second, I meet up with my best friend (since 2006) and his boyfriend. They're such a cute couple and they have the same name! :)  And also, they are the reason why I have good quality photos. Thank you so much again, Darsi! :*

And Lastly, I jogged with my friend Yza (She's my soul sister). Both of us just realized that running while talking is possible. We hardly even noticed that we had already run at least 2 k non stop. 

So, how was your week so far?

Comment down below and let me know.



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