Bundok Chronicles: Mt. Daraitan and Tinipak River

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This is a backlog post.

Do you guys also have a nilay nilay trip last holy week?

Me and my friends have one thing in common, we do love mountain climbing! After our Mt. Talamitam day hike we already planned to camp at Daraitan and thankfully we go on to our trip without anyone bailing.

It was a very long ride getting to Tanay that time because a lot of people were heading to Rizal, too. I remember it took us almost 4 hours to get to Tanay (I know! it was a major traffic jam).

This view brought back my homeostasis (insert heart eyes). It's so beautiful at Daraitan hence the number of people camping there. 

After paying all the necessary fees and settling our guide we headed straight up to the campsite. We set up first our tent and had our lunch, the summer heat at the camp is bearable since the site has a lot of trees that provide us shades. 

Our guide suggested to have our rest first and visit the cave at around 7pm, have our sleep first then wake up at 2 a.m and start our hike to experience Daraitan's sea of clouds.

I don't have a good quality photo to share when we went to the cave because it was dark that time. But the experience was so much fun and challenging! It was my first time entering a cave, our only source of light is the flashlight provided by our guide. It was a bit muddy down there because inside the cave there is a small..... I don't know what to call it but it's also a body of water (but it is only small) it's like a small river (very small--hahaha! i'm sorry i'm not good with describing the place). 

We had our short dip at "the-very-small-river-inside-the-cave" the water is sooooooo cold and refreshing and we played patagalan sa ilalim game. Do you also play that? haha! But we were just cheating the whole time we played it. But it was fun! and we just had our total bonding that time.

Fast forward to 2a.m

The struggle is always real waking up this early. I don't know but it's easy for me to stay up late than to wake up early. After we're finish preparing we started our trail at around late 3a.m. It was still dark that time, and then again our flashlight is only our source of light. 

For me, the trail is not that hard since it has a lot of huge rocks for support as you go up. And I guess hiking at dawn is an advantage since you can't see how much more you'll need to go to reach the summit. But boy, that was my first time sweating in bullets!!! I didn't get tired but I was sweating excessively. It feels like i'm having a bath with my own sweat. (but they say sweating is healthy. *wink)

(insert heart eyes.AGAIN)

We reached the summit at around quarter to 5? I'm not so sure but it's still a bit dark when we reached the summit.

I was lost for words when I saw this view. Again, it is my first time to see a sea of clouds. (that rhymes)

It was another great hiking experience. And again, I told myself this won't be the last.

I'm still thankful that I found friends who has the same passion as I. You might not believe me when I said I didn't get tired along the way but they are the reason why I didn't. We were just laughing and talking about things and it was all a total bonding.

After the exhilarating trail back at the campsite, we had our short rest first then treat ourselves for a cold swim at the river near the campsite.

For you guys who are planning to hike Mt. Daraitan, here are the details:
  • EDSA Shaw-Tanay Rizal Jeepney. That time a lot of people were also heading to Rizal, so some of the Jeepneys at the park lot contracted us that they'll drive us to Daraitan for 200 pesos per head.
  • For the total budget, I only spent around 1,000 pesos. But I recommend to bring extra cash for food and other emergency needs.

Now that's a wrap! Thank you for reading!

Til the next hike!



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