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Reasons to love coffee shops:
  • Coffee
  • Coffee
  • Coffee

"5:30 pm. The Usual place. Even if you have other plans, just stop by. Need to talk to you"
That was the last message I received from my best friend.
While waiting at the coffee shop, I suddenly remember all the good memories spent here with the "ex boyfriend"
It's been a year but I still remember every single woven history of us.
And I thought, it was a good six years after all.
5:30 pm has passed and a text message distracts me from all the reminiscing.
"I'm sorry, Heyns"
I'm confused why she texted this.
But I'm more confused why my ex boyfriend is standing in front of me, and asking
"Chai tea latte?"

I know it's lame. Forgive me. But, yes that was just made up. I have this habit of creating stories on random people who enter at coffee shops. For me, it is a place where most things happen that's why I get inspired creating short stories.

Exploring different coffee shops is one of my bucket list this 2016. And I have now my Top 10 must try coffee shops at BGC (i'll post the other 9). J.Co Kidzania branch is my Top 10 since it's not that crowded and the location is near at our church. 
And lastly, who can resist J.Co's alcapone donuts? It's one of everyone's fave!

J.Co's reminder caught the attention of my friend, Emma.
"Please do not leave your belongings/valuables unattended"
kasi pag iniwan mo, baka hindi ka na balikan.




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