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Hello there! Who among you here are also a fan of mountains? 
I, myself just discovered this new addiction. HIKING!

Last February 21 me and my friends went to Nasugbu, Batangas to experience Mt. Talamitam. That was my first hike and it was a good start because this mountain is perfect for beginners like me. Its Trail Difficulty is 2/10. Some parts of the trail are steep but I still manage to make my way to the summit (with tongue poking outside begging for water.lol) 

By the way, Mt. Talamitam is just adjacent to Mt. Batulao. Look at the photo above! Isn't it perfect?
And if you're planning to hike those two it's best if you'll stay overnight and hike Mt. Talamitam at around 5pm or any other time as long as the sun is not at its best because this mountain has just limited shades. You'll burn yourself if you start by afternoon.

(Our tour guide says, that sadly this mountain became bald but efforts are being made to rehabilitate it by planting more trees and other initiatives)

(Looking at this beauty makes me wanna thank God to his creations.)

And as you make your way to the summit, the grassy field of the mountain will caught your attention because it looks like an animal's hair swaying as the wind blows. 

Based on my research: The mountain earned its name from the numerous Talamitam trees that used to grow on the mountain’s slopes.

We also enjoyed swimming at Layong Bato River it's just a few meters away from the starting point. So after the exhilarating hike, we indulge ourselves by swimming and playing at its cold and fresh water for a couple of hours.

Further details:
  • Manila to Nasugbu, Batangas normally just takes 2 and a half hour ride.
  • Commuting is preferable.
  • 500 pesos is enough for day hike.

To sum everything up, I got hooked and this won't probably be the

To many more mountains to climb!



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