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Photographed by: Marjorie Gil

Final exams are already done and summer vacation is fast approaching. As pharmacy student I didn't get to enjoy the perks of summer vacation since we have internship but on the brighter side it's still fine coz I continue learning about everything about my future job during vacay.
One of my dream list for summer vacation is to attend a coachella or a music festival. Never got to experience one but if I had a chance this will be the look that I should wear. Comfy boots and light and comfortable top because surely it'll be held in an open area. 
Oh anyway, I really do hope I could attend one someday.

PS: This post has nothing to do with the title except for my shirt ;)
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  1. Love the look.you are so adorable.
    Following you now
    Keep intouch

  2. Following you dear on bloglovin & gfc

  3. Love your t-shirt
    Sure, I am foolowing you know. Wait your answer :)
    Thanks for reading honey
    Say Cheese


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